Have you had enough of reading about other people's Out of Body Experiences but not about to do it yourself? Are you ready for the experience that changes your life forever? We will teach you how and you may be shocked by how fast you have your first OBE!

The Los Angeles School of Out of Body Travel & Lucid Dreaming

For 15 years Michael Raduga has been teaching the people of Russia and Eastern Europe how to practice The Phase, through his Phase School, Phase Research Center, and all the branches and affiliate schools his students have started. Literally thousands of people in Europe and Russia have been practicing astral projection, out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming for years already thanks to Mike and his people in Russia and Eastern Europethat. I was really surprised no one as yet had picked up the mantle in the United States and North America. So in the fall of 2016 I did just that. I officially opened The Phase USA, the New York School of Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming, and the Los Angeles School of Out of Body Travel & Lucid Dreaming. In October of 2016 A producer from BuzzFeed contacted me, asking if I would be interested in helping them film a video about How To Learn Lucid Dreaming. So in November we took 3 employees at BuzzFeed's Los Angeles Office and they took 5 one hour Online Lessons with me, and 2 out of 3 of them had a successful out of body experience after only 2 lessons! And in November 2016 I started offering Online Lessons to the general public and started monthly 3 day seminars in Los Angeles in 2017. I'm also looking for partners to open OBE Scools in all major North American cities. Join us and let's teach the world to phase!



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3 Day Seminars and Online Lessons

Teaching the methods of Michael Raduga and his Phase Research Center, the Los Angeles School of Out of Body Travel & Lucid Dream offers 3 Day Seminars on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each month, as well as Online Training for the convenience of those who can't make it to the seminars. We start by teaching our students the Indirect Method of entering the phase, which is the term we use to describe astral projection, out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming, which are all in fact the same state. In the Indirect Method attempts to exit the body are made upon awakening from sleep, when the body is already in the proper state. This concept is so simple for 50 years no one even thought to try it, much less teach it. And that is the secret M. Raduga learned 20 years ago, and I learned from him almost 10 years ago. And though there are many on the internet who teach out-of-body travel/lucid dreaming, no one comes close to the results we get consistently. If you are skeptical or have a limited budget for classes you are welcome to start with just 1 Online Lesson for $50. In our program you make attempts on your own at home the next morning after your very first lesson.If you are like I was in 2007 you know deep down that you can do this. If you live near Los Angeles come to one of our seminars. If you live somewhere else sign up for online lessons. Go ahead and change your life forever!

We are the only school in California that teaches how to enter the phase, how to deepen and maintain the out of body experience, how to achieve and execute a plan of action in the phase, such as traveling anywhere you want or time, performing self-healing, obtaining information, developing creatively or artistically, meeting friends or loved ones or even historical characters. We will teach you step by step which actions to perform to enter the phase, also known as ”out-of-body experience”(OOBE), “astral projection”, “lucid dreaming” and “out of body travel”. We don’t debate whether this phenomenon is something that just occurs the human brain alone, or is actually the soul or spirit or astral or ethereal body. We just teach you how to do it! Only practice and real results!


Many people get the desired result after by the second or third day of our seminars, or by the second or third lesson of our online training programs. one to three training sessions. There is no secret to it – all one must do to achieve success is make correct attempts, and success can’t help but follow.

Everyone will be able to open up new horizons for exploring and getting to know the world after completing the training. Enjoying total realism of perception, the student will now be able to communicate with people who were otherwise inaccessible, including the deceased, visit places that before seemed out of reach, influence one’s organism and health using a totally new method, obtain information from the powerful sub-conscious mind, travel throughout amazing worlds, develop one’s skills, and simply have the basic out-of-body experience, which in and of itself is the most amazing experience that a person can have. This ability, which draws on all such practices from all over the world, is the ultimate achievement in controlling one’s own mind, and is the highest form of mediation, hypnosis and trance.

Many philosophies believe that mastering the ”out-of-body experience”(“lucid dreaming”) is the peak of personal development, and so they believe that constant hard work over the course of many years is necessary in order to master it. For a long time this may have been true. But it is no longer the case. By taking advantage of the Indirect Method many practitioners are getting practical results in only 2-3 days.

(the phase = lucid dreaming + out-of-body experience + astral projection)