In Los Angeles we hold a 3 Day Seminar every month teaching  Out of Body Travel & Lucid Dreaming. Up to 75% of those who attend our seminars have an out of body experience within the first 2 days of the seminar.

Day 1 we will cover the indirect method, separation techniques, 4 of the easiest and most straight forward indirect techniques, cycling the techniques, practicing the techniques, and you will go home and make attempts the next morning upon awakening. Day 2 we will jointly analyze your attempts, and then we will discuss deepening the phase maintaining the phase, and other skills, such as obtaining information in the phase. On day 3 we will again as a group analyze the days attempts, and we will cover the direct method of entering the phase, the lucid dream method of entering the phase, and influencing physiology and self-healing. All attendees who complete the seminar will be given 30 days of free email and or skype support to help fine tune their phase practice.

John Merritt

Seminar Details

April 7th, 8th & 9th, 2017



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